BLG Will Make A Donation To The David Gregory Labor and Employment Law Scholarship

For the next two months, consistent with the Firm’s monthly donations towards charities, BLG will be contributing a portion of revenue to the David Gregory Labor and Employment Law Scholarship, which was established by family, friends, alumni, and colleagues in Professor Gregory’s honor to benefit St. John’s Law students who want to practice in the field of labor and employment law.

Professor Gregory served as the Law School’s Dorothy Day Professor of Law from in 1982 to 2017, where he founded the Center for Labor and Employment Law with a focus on the importance, and the sanctity, of doing good work in the world. "The Center strives to show students, by engagement and example, that they can be successful practitioners who also give back to their communities”, Professor Gregory said early on. Firm founder Patrick J. Boyd worked as Professor Gregory’s research assistant for several years in law school, and we are honored to contribute to Professor Gregory’s fund. You can learn more about the SJU Center for Labor and Employment Law using the link below.