Our Consultation Process

The Boyd Law Group is a boutique labor, employment and education law firm. Our goal is to provide counsel to our clients promptly and we are selective with our representation choices as a result. We have a tiered intake system which, unlike many firms, utilizes BLG team members only. To be clear, you will not be talking at length, beyond operators with non BLG staff for any meaningful time when you contact us. The first step is for your call or email to be routed to an intake specialist that will gather basic contact data and case details. That specialist will then confer with an experienced attorney at the firm to see if there is a chance we can assist. Presuming we can, the intake specialist will arrange for a consultation where your case can be evaluated further. Consultations are always with experienced attorneys and they often last well over an hour. In almost all cases, the consultation is for a fee which will be based upon the quality of your case and the amount of documents we need to review before the consultation. We cannot guarantee we will take your case, but consultations are very time consuming for us and we will not schedule one if we do not think there is a good chance we can help. Consultations are confidential. If we can help beyond the consultation, the lawyer with whom you consulted will promptly offer terms of engagement – usually within 24 hours. We understand this process is complicated, but it is informed by our decade and ½ of practice and allows us to help those client most in need with strong legal claims. With more than fifteen years of practice in the field, BLG can help you achieve success when you have a strong legal claim. It is worth the call. Let us take the Worry Out of Your work. Contact a BLG employment lawyer today.