COVID-19 Update: How We Are Protecting and Serving Our Clients

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Press, Publications and Speaking Engagements

In the Press

Ageism October 6, 2020

Yesterday, the New York Post reported on a recent age discrimination case brought by one of BLG's clients against Boyden World Capital, his former employer. Our client, Gray Hollett, was the chief marketing officer at Boyden and faced blatant and hostile ageist remarks from Boyden partners and board members before he was fired. As part of the charge we filed we have included a series of hostile e-mail exchanges a managing director sent Mr. Hollett declaring his ideas as "outdated" and asserting that it was "time [for him] to retire". Our client was fired shortly after reporting his concerns over this conduct to Boyden management.

The Boyd Law Group remains dedicated to protecting the personal and economic interests of employees who were unfairly terminated and/or unlawfully discriminated against. Each and every one of us may face some form of age discrimination at some point in our careers and the outpouring of support for Mr. Hollett in response to the New York Post article and on social media shows that these concerns are resonating and are not isolated. The full article can be found here.

virtual mock interview event October 2, 2020

BLG associate Sam Wiles and BLG law clerk Michelle Capobianco participated in a virtual mock interview event hosted by the St. John's University School of Law's Labor and Employment Law Society. In one evening, over 15 attorneys from various law firms, including Mr. Wiles on behalf of BLG, conducted mock interviews and coached law students with an interest in labor and employment law. The event was coordinated by Ms. Capobianco who was acting as Programming Director for the Labor and Employment Law Society. Nicely done team!

Michelle Capobianco - Law clerk September 11, 2020

The Boyd Law Group is pleased to announce that Michelle Capobianco has joined the firm as a law clerk. Ms. Capobianco is a third year law student at The St. John's University School of Law with a focus of study in labor and employment law. She is currently the Vice President of the Labor and Employment Law Society and a Senior Staff Member of the New York Real Property Law Journal at St. John's. Welcome Michelle!

The Dallas Morning News Aug 20, 2020

In an August 2020 Q & A for her column published in The Dallas Morning News, career and life coach author Lindsay Novak discussed ageism with Patrick J. Boyd.

Avvo Top-Rated Lawyer for 2020 Aug 13, 2020

We are pleased to announce that Patrick J. Boyd was recently named as an Avvo Top-Rated Lawyer for 2020. Patrick has received the award for the past four years in a row. AVVO ratings are unbiased and earned by an attorney only through a stringent review process by legal professionals which incorporate client reviews, peer endorsements and a number of other factors.

BLG Wishes You a Happy Fourth! Jul 04, 2020

Happy 4 th of July weekend! This holiday month we will be donating a portion of our consultation proceeds to The Center for American Military Music Opportunities. CAMMO is a program that helps veterans and service members further their careers in the music industry.

BGV Thank You Video June 24, 2020

BLG has been donating a portion of consultation fees to charities this year. We donated a percentage of May's consultation revenue to Black Girl Ventures . They sent us this " Thank You Video " which we wanted to share as it speaks to some of the amazing work they do for Black and Brown women-identifying business founders to help them succeed.

Art in Window June 07, 2020

BLG is happy to sponsor The Carriage Barn Arts Center's fundraiser - Art In The Windows - going on now in downtown New Canaan, CT. All proceeds go to local artists, CBAC and local businesses.

EEOC COVID19 June 04, 2020

Please read our most recent Blog post reviewing EEOC guidance on returning to work issues.

Tesla May 22, 2020

Please see our most recent Blog post about Tesla and the lawsuit they brought in efforts to reopen.

The CARES Act May 11, 2020

Please see our most recent Blog post discussing legal issues and concerns relating to the PPP.

Bronxnet COVID-19 Interview April 23, 2020

Please see Patrick J. Boyd 's most recent television interview relating to employee rights and COVID-19. #theboydlawgroup #letustaketheworryoutofyourwork

New York Law Journal April 16, 2020

Patrick J. Boyd quoted in the New York Law Journal yesterday relating to the debate between Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio over the closure of New York City schools.

Avvo Top Rated Lawyer 2020 April 13, 2020

The Boyd Law Group is happy to announce that Patrick J. Boyd was named as an "AVVO Top-Rated Lawyer" in 2020 for the the fourth year in a row. Thank you to all of our clients who submitted the reviews which made this award possible!

Cares Act April 3, 2020

Please see our most recent blog post about the the CARES Act and how it can help small businesses.

COVID-19 March 23, 2020

Please see our most recent blog post relating to newly established or expanded employee rights designed to help workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 March 18, 2020

Patrick was pleased to give some feedback on the impact COVID-19 is having on the workplace during a local tv interview .

COVID-19 March 16, 2020

Please see our notice regarding COVID-19.

COVID-19 March 9, 2020

Please read our most resent blog post concerning the Coronavirus/COVID-19 outbreak and its implications for the modern day workplace.

BLG March 2, 2020

Patrick J. Boyd and Sam Wiles of BLG had chance to catch up with labor and employment law agency representatives and friends and at JAMS event relating to agency and court practice - thanks to Tiffany Ma for the invite!

Jones Day litigation February 22, 2020

Please see our most recent Blog post about filing discrimination suits anonymously and the Jones Day litigation.

client review February 20, 2020

A nice recent client review for BLG.

Contractors January 28, 2020

Please see our most recent blog post about developments in the law relating to independent contractors.

Boeing CEO January 13, 2020

Please see our blog post relating to the former Boeing CEO and his contract.


College Athletes December 10, 2019

Please see our most recent Blog post about paying college athletes and the developing law.

Google's workplace November 24, 2019

Please see our latest blog related to Google's workplace.

New York Metro Area Super Lawyer November 6, 2019

We are pleased to announce that Patrick J. Boyd has been selected as a 2019 New York Metro Area Super Lawyer for the 6th year in a row.

New York Metro Area Super Lawyer November 6, 2019

The laws they keep on changin'..... Please see our most recent Blog post about changes to New York City's discrimination law.

October 14, 2019

BLG is celebrating its 14 year anniversary. Please see the video to learn more.

Photo of Samuel P. Wiles August 30, 2019

Just before Labor Day weekend we are pleased to announce that we have hired Samuel P. Wiles to be another labor and employment law attorney at BLG. Sam just graduated cum laude from The St. John's University School of Law . Welcome Sam!

Taxpayer First Act June 21, 2019

New federal legislation, the Taxpayer First Act (TFA), has recently been enacted by Congress which provides protections for tax whistleblowers to curb retaliatory actions taken against these individuals by others such as their employers. By providing protection against such retaliation, the IRS aims to encourage whistle blower “insiders” to reveal highly valuable information relating to tax fraud and other tax related violations. You can read more about the Taxpayer First Act in the attached article . #BoydLawGroup

Lawyers of Distinction award June 10, 2019

We are very proud to announce that our CT Office Head Stephen Bourtin just received the Lawyers of Distinction award, certifying him as a distinguished member of this nationwide group. This honor is bestowed upon the top 10 percent of attorneys operating in the U.S. and is granted only through consistently high recommendations of peers. Stephen was selected based on his ongoing work in the labor and employment law field. #BLG #TheBoydLawGroup

Photo of Tiana Rooney May 31, 2019

BLG is excited to welcome summer intern Tiana Rooney to our team. Tiana is a rising third-year student at St. John’s University School of Law and will be a wonderful addition to the firm this summer. #BLG

Small business Q&A featuring BLG May 17, 2019

HamletHub recently published a small business Q&A featuring BLG as a local CT business. Please read through the article to learn more about our firm and the importance of employment law issues for small businesses and executives. #BLGinthenews

Supreme Court of the United States May 3, 2019

On Monday, April 22, 2019, the Supreme Court of the United States announced it would be deciding whether a federal law prohibits employer discrimination against gay and transgender workers. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 bars employment discrimination based on “sex.” The Justices will decide whether this language also encompasses discrimination based on sexual orientation or transgender status, in order to resolve a split among how the federal appellate courts haveinterpreted the law previously. Two recent decisions which held that discrimination against gays and lesbians is covered under Title VII, plus another with a contrary ruling, will be heard and decided by the summer of 2020. The Justices’ decision will settle this longstanding dispute and will certainly be a political factor during the 2020 presidential campaign.

NY Times Article Link

New accommodative guidelines for pregnant women in the workplace April 25, 2019

Connecticut office head Stephen Bourtin was quoted by the Connecticut Law Tribune relating to the importance of new accommodative guidelines for pregnant women in the workplace. #BLGinthenews

March 22, 2019

On February 25, 2019, BLG attorney Stephen Bourtin successfully advanced a gender discrimination, sexual harassment action for a client in the New York County Supreme Court. The Defendant is accused of terminating the Plaintiff in retaliation for her having repeatedly resisted her manager’s unwanted sexual advances and groping of her and other female coworkers in the workplace. The Defendant denied these allegations and filed a motion for summary judgment seeking to have Plaintiff’s case dismissed in its entirety prior to trial. After hearing oral argument, the Court denied the Defendant’s motion in its entirety, concluding that the contradictory testimony of the parties required credibility determinations and weighing of evidence that was inappropriate for summary judgment. This is another solid win for Mr. Bourtin and The Boyd Law Group.

If you would like to review a copy of the decision please email Rachel McCormick at for a copy or take a look at docket #150294/2011 online.

Developing area of New York City law February 24, 2019

The New York Times reported on two of our cases relevant to a developing area of New York City law. See Patrick Boyd's quotes towards the end of the article . Our brave clients are working with us and impacting New York legislation! #employmentlawevolution

Allegations against Les Moonves February 11, 2019

In September 2018, twelve women told the New York Times that they had been sexually assaulted or harassed by CBS chief executive Les Moonves. Moonves negotiated his exit from the company shortly thereafter, attempting to secure a $120 million severance payout which was provided for in his contract. But CBS lawyers investigated the allegations against Moonves and found grounds to terminate him for cause and withheld his severance payout based on the alleged harassment, violations of company policies, breach of contract, misfeasance and his failure to fully cooperate with their investigation.

The tensions involved in this case are instructive for all dealing with sexual harassment claims in this era. On the one hand, Moonves should certainly be held accountable for his alleged bad acts if proven true. But on the other, in establishing these bad acts, CBS must acknowledge that the network apparently allowed such conduct to take place for years - which may expose their own lack of vigilance. In this light, should CBS prevail and be allowed to keep all or much of the 120 million, would such an outcome be something of a pyrrhic victory for the network? #pursuitoftruthcosts $, #plentyofblametogoaround

Link To New York Times Article

Carriage Barn Art Center January 11, 2019

The Boyd Law Group is excited to be a sponsor of the Carriage Barn Art Center's 39th Annual Photography Show. The event will take place at Waveny Park in New Canaan, CT from January 12th - February 15th, 2018. Please visit this link for gallery hours and additional information. We are grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this unique event. #giveback #BLGsupportingthearts

Chipotle restaurant franchise January 4, 2019

In recent years, many employers have drafted policies compelling their employees into arbitration - requiring employees to resolve any employment related disputes via a private arbitrator (or arbitrators) rather than in court before a judge or a jury. Arbitrations can be beneficial for employers as they are generally cheaper than litigation and remain confidential which can allow employers to keep potentially embarrassing facts from public disclosure. Employers also prefer arbitration because in this forum employees may be required to waive their rights to class action lawsuits – they are forced to arbitrate their claims individually and cannot “team up” as a class of aggrieved employees.

The article references a thorny situation with the Chipotle restaurant franchise, which required its employees to enter into arbitration and was faced with a class action lawsuit which it mandated be resolved through arbitration. The employees’ attorney responded to this compelled arbitration by initiating separate arbitration demands on behalf of each employee. This caused Chipotle to be responsible for the arbitration costs of each employee’s action in addition to its own attorney’s fees. Those aggregated costs proved daunting for Chipotle, and led them to seek court intervention though their own policies had compelled arbitration initially. Chipotle was chastised by a judge for taking this contradictory position.

Simply put, the arbitration fees that an employer might face - especially in a class action context – can be steep. Arbitration provisions, which are usually adopted by employers in their templates for offer letters and/or handbooks can, thus, be less than helpful when applied to the wrong situation. Small businesses should be mindful not to place too much trust in the various samples that may be available online when crafting their own policies. If such policies can prove problematic to such a large company, imagine how they might harm your business! #BLGadviceforsmallbusinesses

  • Co-author of the article “Prudish or Prudent” contemplation of the sexual harassment and paramour exception and U.S. and U.K. law presented at conference “Worlds of Work: Employment Dispute Resolution Systems Across the Globe” (Cambridge, July 2011)

  • Co-author of article “Revelations of Retaliation” analyzing the Supreme Court’s decision in Burlington Northern v. White, GC New York (November 2006)

  • Author of article “Tipping the Balance of Power: Electronic Monitoring in the Workplace”, St. John’s Journal of Legal Commentary (2000)

  • Research editor for conference “Transatlantic Perspectives on Labor and Employment Law”, University College Dublin Law School (July 2000)

  • Primary research editor for “The Colloquium on the Welfare Workforce”, featured in St. John’s Law Review (2000)

  • Faculty research assistant for article “The First Amendment and the Labor Relations of Religiously-Affiliated Employers”, Boston University Public Interest Law Journal (1999)

  • Faculty research assistant to Professor David L. Gregory for treatise “Labor-Management Relations and the Law”, Foundation Press (1999)
Speaking Engagements
  • Patrick Boyd presented on “Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964” at 50 Symposium at St. John’s Law School (April 2014).

  • William Li served as a panelist for a St. John’s University seminar for law students relating to labor and employment law careers (September 2011)

  • Patrick Boyd and William Li presented “Prudish or Prudent” relating to sexual harassment and the paramour exception under U.S. and U.K. law. Presentation given at conference “Worlds of Work: Employment Dispute Resolution Systems Across the Globe” (Cambridge, July 2011)

  • Patrick Boyd served as chair for a presentation entitled “Watch Out! A Guide To Ethical Practices in Start-ups & Smaller Firms” hosted by the Association of the Bar of the City of New York (October 2008)

  • Patrick Boyd served as a moderator for a presentation entitled “Growing Your Practice” hosted by the Association of the Bar of the City of New York (October 2007)

  • Patrick Boyd served as a chair for a presentation entitled “Watch Out! A Guide To Ethical Practices in Start-ups & Smaller Firms” hosted by the Association of the Bar of the City of New York (May 2007)

  • Patrick Boyd spoke on employment law issues at the conference “The Transatlantic Perspectives on Labor and Employment Law” co-sponsored by St. John’s University School of Law and the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (London, July 2006)

  • Patrick Boyd served as a chair for a presentation entitled “Ethical Challenges Facing Small Firm Practitioners” hosted by the Association of the Bar of the City of New York (April 2006)

  • Patrick Boyd was a moderator for a presentation entitled “Employment Litigation Under Title VII: Racial Slurs in the Workplace” hosted by the Association of the Bar of the City of New York (December 2005)

  • Patrick Boyd was a panelist at the 7th Annual Management Lawyers Colloquium hosted by St. John’s University School of Law (2002)

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Client Reviews
"Boyd Law Group were very supportive through the process. They worked hard and diligently from start to finish. They were very responsive and ensured I understood my rights and were there every step of the way. I can't thank both Patrick and Lorena enough for all the hard work they put in for me through this emotional process. True professionals! Thank you so much!" Lilly
"Patrick, Steve and the team at Boyd Law Group not only achieved a resolution that was more than fair...they were far more responsive and upfront than i would have initially expected given past experiences. They worked with me financially, and were very fair with managing my expectations. Moreover, given the group's experience, they are fair but strong negotiators, great listeners and put me, as a client, at ease. I won't think twice about approaching Boyd Law Group in the future...and recommending them to family/friends and coworkers in need of advice." Victor R.
"Mr Boyd, was my representation for a SOX filing. Involving a major Wall Street firm. Lines of communication were open from beginning to end. His advice and guidance was highly valuable in obtaining a positive outcome for my family. . Mr Boyd is a skilled attorney who will aggressively fight for your rights. I would strongly recommend Mr Boyd and his team." Anonymous