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Employees as Competitors

BLG can help you implement ways to help you increase your business’s protection when the employee relationship ends. Your company might have proprietary information, trade secrets, client lists or a secret formula to protect. Information is increasingly vulnerable to theft and it is important to protect in today’s competitive marketplace. Moreover, with today’s technology and the trend towards working remotely, theft and/or improper disclosure is more likely.

It is important to have agreements with your employees in place to protect your company’s interests. When drafting employee non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements you should consider:

Hiring an Employee With a Non-Compete / Non-Solicit Agreement

If you are considering hiring an employee with a non-compete or a non-solicit agreement it is important to review the agreement to weigh the risks of hiring the applicant as well as to understand the enforceability of the agreement. You may even need to negotiate a bit with the former employer. BLG can help with this work and make sure the transition of valuable talent is smooth.

Employment and Non-Compete / Solicit Agreements

BLG can help you can better protect yourselves from improper employee competition and misappropriation with strong contracts covering such issues. We can also help employers put reasonable restraints on employee’s post-employment competition, which will make employees less inclined to engage in unfair competitive activities and less inclined to steal other quality workers away.

Data Security

In particular industries you may need to keep certain data and or client information confidential. Failure to do so can subject businesses to liability. Companies need to be aware of their requirements to secure their data, as well as how to secure and/or dispose of all forms of media which may contain legally protected information. This includes proper restrictions on employees’ copying, removal and use of such information outside of the workplace. Policies BLG can draft for you will help protect your business and your clients in this regard.

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Client Reviews
"Boyd Law Group were very supportive through the process. They worked hard and diligently from start to finish. They were very responsive and ensured I understood my rights and were there every step of the way. I can't thank both Patrick and Lorena enough for all the hard work they put in for me through this emotional process. True professionals! Thank you so much!" Lilly
"Patrick, Steve and the team at Boyd Law Group not only achieved a resolution that was more than fair...they were far more responsive and upfront than i would have initially expected given past experiences. They worked with me financially, and were very fair with managing my expectations. Moreover, given the group's experience, they are fair but strong negotiators, great listeners and put me, as a client, at ease. I won't think twice about approaching Boyd Law Group in the future...and recommending them to family/friends and coworkers in need of advice." Victor R.
"Mr Boyd, was my representation for a SOX filing. Involving a major Wall Street firm. Lines of communication were open from beginning to end. His advice and guidance was highly valuable in obtaining a positive outcome for my family. . Mr Boyd is a skilled attorney who will aggressively fight for your rights. I would strongly recommend Mr Boyd and his team." Anonymous